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May Update

Hi Guys just wanted to do a quick update as there is not too much to report. As of right now there are no Cavapoo puppy updates but we should be expecting to have some updates soon.

There are a few things that I did want to mention as we get lots of emails getting the same questions.

- We currently do not have any Cavapoo puppies at this time. Once we confirm a pregnancy we will update that here.

- Your place on the waiting list WILL NOT CHANGE until we have puppies born and they have been chosen at 6 weeks old by the people ahead of you.

- Please remember when you got on the waiting list we were very honest about not being able to control Mother Nature and give exact timing of puppies. We do our best to estimate but it's ultimately out of our hands.

We do currently have Pure Cavalier Blenheim Males that will be ready to go home in 2-3 weeks. We still need to take pictures and update the website.

***Important Info**** I know not everyone checks our Facebook page, so I'm going to post it here as well. I know some of you know we added a new baby to our family a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I had some major complications and I am still out and suppose to be on strict bed rest, with absolutely no stress so I have had to take a step back for now. Medications have not worked like they should as of yet, so they are still working to find as solution. This is the reason we are behind on emails and puppies at this time. I am hoping they can get this resolved very soon and everything can get back to normal and we will have puppy news to update everyone with. We ask that you please be patient and understanding during this time, trust me I hate not being able to make everyone happy and be hands on with the fur babies.

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