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Puppy Supplies


Please make sure you order these products at least a few weeks prior to your puppy arriving to make sure they arrive on time!


Science Diet Small & Mini Puppy - it is extremely important to keep your puppy on this food for at least 30 days. We have chosen this food due to the high protein, fat, and dense calories your puppy needs. It is vet recommended because tiny puppies NEED grains to maintain their sugar. It also has very tiny pieces so that they can chew it easily! 

CANNED Puppy Food - you should offer your puppy soft food three times a day so you can be sure they are consuming enough calories. Canned food also helps prevent dehydration. Once your puppy is older, around 12 weeks, depending on their size you can choose to discontinue soft food if you prefer. Young puppies should have access to dry food and water all day. We recommend at least 12 small cans or 6 large cans.

NutraCal - Stress can cause a puppy to temporarily stop eating, small breed puppies must eat to maintain their sugar levels. When your puppy is not eating normally you should give your puppy NutriCal to keep their sugar levels balanced and it is also an appetite enhancer! Puppies can also be under tremendous stress after being given vaccinations, NutraCal can also be used for the next few days if they aren't feeling their best. If you are purchasing an older puppy or a larger puppy you can skip this product.

NuVet Plus - Puppies do not have fully functioning immune system until they are 6 months old, NuVet Plus will boost your puppy's immune system. NuVet also reduces tear stains and helps balance sugar levels. These are just a few of the benefits; our NuVet Plus Page will let you see all of the other amazing benefits. We use the POWDER and sprinkle it on the puppies food. Due to our puppies small size a 90 day supply will last you 6 months!   ORDER CODE 53357.  More information about NuVet Plus

Probiotics -  All puppies and dogs greatly benefit from probiotics. Your puppy has been on probiotics daily. We recommend continuing with ProPlan FortiFlora Probiotics. All of our puppies and adults are on these high quality probiotics, this greatly reduces upset stomachs caused by stress or illnesses. The health of your puppy is based off of the health of their gut, you need to add good bacteria in order to have a healthy gut. We use FortiFlora Probiotics on all of our puppies and adults. ProPlan Probiotics are in easy to use daily packs and the best rated probiotics on the market and they love the taste! (You can use a half packet due to your puppy's small size.)

Puppy Training Book - We strongly recommend purchasing and reading a training book before or as soon as you bring your puppy home. All puppies thrive on routines and stability, they also respect having boundaries. Zak George's Dog Training Book - Dog Training Revolution covers the basics and will help with pottying training and other common puppy training questions. You are welcome to choose a book that fits your beliefs, just be sure to take the time to learn about behaviors and training so that you will raise a puppy that will thrive in your home! We also like Cesar's - How to Raise the Perfect Dog, this book is great for teaching dogs boundaries and routines. Zac's book has a little more step by step training for all of your basic puppy training.

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Recommended Products

 We have tried hundreds of products and these are our favorites! We have put  together a list with links provided of products we use for our puppies. Most of our shopping is done through, they have amazing prices. You can  conveniently shop from your own home and you reduce the risk of exposing your puppy to illnesses from pet stores. 



We highly, highly, highly recommend using a PUPPY EXERCISE PEN for your new puppy. Small breed puppies must have access to food, water, and potty area if you will be gone more then two to three hours at a time. Puppy playpens make it very easy to provide everything your puppy needs while you are away!


The MidWest Exercise Pen is our favorite because you can adjust the size as your puppy becomes more comfortable in their new home and they are reliably using the potty area.   



Puppy Pads, Litter Boxes, or Grass Patches can be added to your playpen. Once your puppy is about 6 months old you can eliminate the use of indoor potty areas.


Here are a few products we recommend, you can choose whichever method you prefer!  


Kennels for traveling provide a safe place for your pet while in the car and durning trips to the vet. You can also add a kennel to your playpen to start a stress free introduction to kennel training. We recommend inclosed kennels for travel and wire kennels for at home.


Small breed puppies do not have a large fat reserve, therefore they may need help maintaining their temperature. If you home is kept under 74 degrees or if the area you keep them in is drafty you should consider a heated pet bed. They are safe for puppies and will prevent them from burning to many calories trying to stay warm, possibly causing hypoglycemia. We keep our home at 74 degrees, but they also have the added warmth of their littermates. Also, this Snuggle Puppy makes your puppy's first nights at home so much easier; the warmth and heartbeat help your puppy feel more secure!


Accidents happen.... Be prepared with the proper cleaning products. You should always keep a close eye on your puppy when they are out. The best way to to potty train is to stop accidents before they happen. If your puppy does have an accident you will need to properly clean that area, so they do not smell that spot and try to make that their new potty spot. Below are a few products that clean, but more importantly remove the smell! 



Your puppy will need to be groomed! Here are a few brushes and combs you will need once your puppy's hair grows. Its best to start early so they are used to being brushed. Your puppy will also need baths, we recommend one bath every two weeks. Once a week at most, if needed to prevent their skin from becoming dried out. Finishing sprays can be used in-between baths to keep your puppy smelling fresh!



Making sure you puppy stays next to you is important, but it's even more important to make sure they are not hurt by a collar or harness. Collars and some harnesses are directly across your puppy's trachea, a small amount of force can cause permanent damage. Because puppies often run at things or people that they are interested in; once they run out of leash it will snatch your puppy, possibly causing damage. Once your puppy understands the limits of a leash you can switch to a collar if you prefer. Please do no let children run with a puppy on a leash. The harnesses below are safe for puppies!




Puppies teeth a lot... Be prepared with the proper teething tools! Below are products that help with teething and also keep your puppy busy. I have also included a chewing 

deterrent that can be used on furniture, cords, fingers, and more!




Rewards are important to let your puppy know they are doing what you expect them to do! Treats and plenty of praise are great reassurance. Please make sure any treats you buy are made in the USA, too many dogs get very sick treats made in China. Below are some treats that we like the best!  

More Products Coming Soon

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