About Our Puppies

Our Puppies are raised in our home with our family!  In my opinion this is the best environment for them, they will have already adjusted to daily household activities and sounds.  Our puppies have constant interaction with our family, which includes younger and older children.  I am a stay at home mom and our children are homeschooled, so the puppies are being constantly cared for and played with.  We are located in Southwest Mississippi, however we can meet in Hammond, Louisiana or Zachary, Louisiana. We can also meet in Natchez, Mississippi or McComb, Mississippi. My name is Jennifer McMillan and I have been breeding and raising puppies since 2006, so over 15 years and counting! 

We truly enjoy raising wonderful well adjusted puppies for you to have a true life long companion!

The puppy's parents get to live their lives on our farm like normal dogs. They have acres and acres to run around on and play in the fields with the kids. They also enjoy going with us and watching the chickens and horses being fed. They are all crate trained and well behaved in our home. Our parents have to have flawless temperaments for us to pass on those traits to their puppies and have safe dogs around our children. Because our program has grown and we have went back to where we started with poodles, and the kids love the aussies so much, we have some of our parents in guardian homes. We only allow our guardian homes to be our friends and family. This way we can still continually interact with them. This benefits our program and our parents, we are able to pass on our outstanding bloodlines while staying small and hands on. All of our puppies including the puppies that have parents in guardian homes are all born and raised here with us! 

All puppies will come to you current on vaccinations with a minimum of two sets of vaccinations, preventive worming, as well as flea & tick prevention and heartworm prevention. All of our puppies have been given the best preventive care possible and they have been fully examined by a licensed Veterinarian to ensure you are receiving the healthiest puppy possible. You will receive all of your puppy's medical records, as well as a Two Year Genetic Health Guarantee. 

Our Cavapoo puppies are generally under 12 pounds, averaging  7 to 12 pounds as adults. We specialize in puppies that are smaller than the average size of the breed standard.  Our puppies come from generations of tiny, healthy bloodlines to ensure smaller adults. We mainly produce reds, apricots, black, black & tan, and blue merle. We do occasionally have cream, sable, and brindle. 

Poodle puppies come in different sizes; Toy Poodles, Miniature Poodles, Moyen Poodles, and Standard Poodles. We specialize in Miniatures, Moyens, and Small Standard Poodles. We may occasionally have a mini that will only mature to toy size. Our poodles all have correct conformation, they are square just like they are suppose to be! They all have excellent thick, curly, coats. We will have a rainbow of colors including; red, apricot, cream, black, blue, silver, chocolate, and sable. We also will have lots of varieties including; parti, tuxedo, tri color, and merle! 

Our Toy Australian Shepherd puppies are on the smaller side. Our tallest is 11 inches at the shoulder and their average weight is 10 to 16 pounds. All of our Toy Aussies have correct conformation, thick coats, and beautiful faces. We will have blue merle, red merle, red tri, black tri, and we are very excited that we have been lucky enough to produce yellow! 

We absolutely love all of these breeds They all have different characteristics,  but they have all had excellent temperaments that have been outstanding with our children. If you would are looking for the perfect addition to your family, we can help you choose the right breed to fit your lifestyle