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Cockapoo Breed Description

Cockapoo water color
Cockapoo water color

A Cockapoo (also known as Cockadoodle) is a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a toy sized Poodle. Our Cockapoos are quite small weighing 8 to 20 pounds as adults, and about 8 – 14 inches tall. Cavapoos are good for allergy sufferers as almost all of our puppies have the poodle coat and they are very low dander.

Cockapoos are very intelligent and have the desire to please which makes them very easy to train. They are friendly with everyone, have a very outgoing personality, and are very lovable. Cockapoos can make excellent therapy dogs. With their small compact bodies, teddy bear faces and floppy ears they appear puppy-like even into their adult years. They are well suited for homes with little or no yard as they do not possess an overabundance of energy where they will need a ton of exercise or space to run. However, as with all dogs, they still need the benefit of some exercise such as a short walk or play session to keep them healthy and fit. This dog is suited for just about anyone and will do well with either a single person or a family. Possessing a very laid-back personality and gentle nature makes them excellent with children. They love affection from just about everyone. They have a lifespan of approximately 14+ plus years.


When considering the nature of the Cockapoo you must consider the characteristics of both the American Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle separately in order to determine the characteristics the Shihpoo may exhibit.


Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are known for being gentle, easy-going and affectionate yet lively. They are generally considered good with children. They tend to be non-aggressive toward other animals and people, but that also means they are not particularly good watchdogs. Cocker spaniels enjoy attention, so this is a breed for people who like to lavish affection on their pets. Cocker spaniels can adapt to living just about anywhere, as long as they are given daily walks on a leash or are allowed to have play sessions in a fenced yard. *There are Cocker Spaniels that have gotten a bad reputation. When the movie Lady & the Tramp came out they were over bred and not bred with proper ethics. Due to this some of the dogs did not have the proper temperment of this breed and they had health issues. Our Cocker Spaniels our genetic tested for diversity in their breed and for genetic diseases. Our Cocker Spaniels have great diversity, excellent temperaments, and no health issues. They are absolutely wonderful with our kids and other animals.   


The Poodle comes in three different sizes, toy (10” and under 9 lbs.), miniature (10-15”, 15-17 1bs.), and standard (over 15”, 45-70 1bs.). The Poodle has been cited as being the 2nd most intelligent breed of dog. Their exceptional intelligence, paired with the fact that they are generally very eager to please, empowers them to excel in obedience training. They learn quickly and will delight in showing off their new tricks. Poodles are generally very easy to housebreak. They are loyal and devoted companions, extremely people-oriented, and crave lots of love and attention. They are typically calm, good natured, with a sweet temperament, and the ability to bond with all members of their human family. Poodles have an extremely low-shedding, dense coat which is either curly or corded and should be groomed every 6 – 8 weeks to prevent mats and tangles. If you should so decide, their coat can also be kept short for low-maintenance. Poodles come in a variety of colors such as silver, cream, gray, blue, black, white, apricot, red, caf-au-lait, brown, and parti-colored. The Poodle is oftentimes referred to as the hypo-allergenic dog. But, while there truly is no such thing as a completely hypo-allergenic dog, they are unquestionably more compatible with allergic persons than other breeds. Being classified as energetic, the poodle, like most dogs, will appreciate daily exercise, such as a walk, play session, or a run at the dog park. We only breed Toy Poodles to our American Cocker Spaniels.




Our Past Cockpoo Puppies

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