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Temparments Boys vs Girls


I get a lot of questions about which gender is better for a pet, so I will give you a few facts about each and my personal opinion.... Most people believe that females are better pets than males.  More then half of our puppy inquires are for little girls!  It is a common misconception that females do not mark territory or exhibit sexual behaviors like the males do.  The facts are females can also mark territory and can exhibit sexual behaviors too!  People believe that females are more docile and loving.  Here's the truth, females usually rule the pack and establish the pecking order and constantly challenge that order.  As a result females are usually more dominate, independent, stubborn, and territorial than males.  Females usually learn and train more quickly than males.  They are more dedicated to an owner and determined to accomplish things such as training.  Females do love attention but tend to like it on their terms! 

When it comes to the males they tend to be more attentive, affectionate, loving, and demanding of attention.  They are excellent companions which are usually more reliable, accepting of other pets, and not as moody as the females.  Males adjust easier to children and new people.  They are also very motivated by food and praise because they are eager to please!  Males tend to get distracted easily because they are very playful, and tend to stay playful even after the puppy stage.  Males will almost always exhibit marking and sexual behavior UNLESS they are Neutered at young age.  Males should be Neutered by six months of age to prevent this behavior, males that are neutered young usually do not even lift their leg to potty or display any sexual behaviors.    

Now that we've gone through the differences of each gender this my honest opinion...  I truly believe that either gender can make an excellent pet if properly trained.  I've had very loving and affectionate girls, but I have also had some that were everything described above.  Neutered boys tend to be much more patient and understanding.  All girls and boys make much better pets if they are Spayed or Neutered prior to maturity.  *Just a bit of info, on average Neutering your boy will cost you about half the amount of Spaying your girl and the procedure is much easier too!  

The best advice I can give you is if there is a puppy that is everything your looking for except the wrong gender, keep an open mind.  So the next time you pass up that perfect puppy because it's not the gender your looking for, just remember that could have possibly been the best dog you've ever owned! ​ Every dog is different so the bad things you have heard about either gender refers to that particular dog, not your future dog!  The way you raise your puppy, the amount of socialization your puppy has had before you get them, and the age in which you spay or neuter your puppy all plays a crucial role in your dog's overall behavior!  



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