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Shihpoo Puppies

If you are looking for a tiny adult, we have the perfect puppies for you! These puppies are non-shedding, non-dander, so they are great for allergy sufferers. Two of the puppies have poodle coats and one has a wavy / straight coat. All three weigh 3 1/2 pounds at 16 weeks old. They will go home fully vaccinated, started on crate training, and outside potty training. They have super happy personalities and love to cuddle too. If you were looking for a Cavapoo but you know you want one that is really small or guaranteed to have a poodle coat, you should definitely consider a Shihpoo. Shihpoos also have wonderful temperaments like the cavapoos, they love kids, and other animals. Personality wise you can't go wrong with a Cavapoo or a Shihpoo!

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