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Happy New Year!

We have Shihpoo Puppies just born, they will look like the little guy in this picture! If you are interested in these puppies please let us know and we will have more info once they are a little older! They are chocolate and white phantom parti colored and all males.

We will have lots of updates coming this month with Cavapoo Puppies arriving soon! We are expecting a few litters be born in January so the waiting list should start moving! Make sure you check back here for updates, please note we can not tell you if you will be able to get a puppy until we see what colors and genders are born and we know if the person ahead of you will be getting a puppy or waiting. Please be patient until we have puppies born and email you a litter announcement with all of the details! We hope everyone has a Happy New Year and we are excited to start 2021 with new babies coming soon!

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