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You can reserve a spot on our waiting list for upcoming litters or puppies that are to young to be chosen.  A non-refundable holding fee in the amount of $300.00 is required and will be applied towards the purchasing price of your puppy. (You are only required to pay the waiting list holding fee at this time, the $500.00 deposit will not be due until you choose a puppy at 5-6 weeks old.)  Holding fees can be paid by Square, Walmart to Walmart, or Money Order. Waiting list spots will not be held until the payment is received.  If you are paying by money order your place will be held once we receive a tracking number confirming your payment is on the way!



Cavapoo Waiting List





We have separate waiting list by COLOR, Red & Apricot Only, Merle Only, OR Dark Colors (Dark Colors Include - black, black & tan, tri color, and sable). You will choose to be on ONE list with the exception of Red & Apricot, because these colors are so similar and can lighten and darken as a puppy matures you can choose to be on both list if you are truly interested in either color.  The reason for making the list by colors is so that we can breed for specific colors based off of the waiting list. This will help us get you a puppy sooner! If you are interested in an available puppy in a different color you are welcome to move your deposit to the available puppy! You will be able to choose your puppy in order of deposits received.  Puppies are usually priced and ready to be chosen between 5 - 6 weeks old. If the specific puppy you are looking for is not available in a litter, there is no need to worry because your deposit lasts a lifetime with us!  It is possible for the wait to be up to six months or a longer.... but I can promise our puppies are definitely worth the wait!

If you would like to be placed on the waiting list please Contact Us!




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