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September Updates!

We have A LOT to update!!!! We have puppies, puppies, puppies!

We have just posted our Shihpoo puppies, I will be contacting those that were interested in them very soon. We should have some Shihpoo puppies available after the waiting list chooses.

We will be working on posting the F1 Cavapoo puppies this weekend. (weather permitting, my internet has been horrible since the hurricane) Details coming in the litter announcement that will be posted here shortly!

We will be working on posting the F1B Cavapoos next week, we could possibly have boys available in this litter. Details about these puppies will also be posted here shortly!

These are all the updates about the puppies that will be ready to go home in October and the October update will have exciting news about puppies that will be ready to go home in November, so check back!

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