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Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

We have lots of beautiful, happy, healthy, puppies available right now! We currently have Cocker Spaniel Puppies that have been an absolute joy to have around. They are well on their way to being great additions to your family. Our current litter of Cocker Spaniels are sleeping through the night in their crates, they will get in their crates on command, and they are doing excellent on outside potty training. We have Special Pricing on these amazing puppies right now!

We also have Toy Aussiedoodle Puppies that are just now old enough to go home! The are super social and love people. These puppies seem to have taken the poodle coat, they are very soft, plush, and slightly wavy. These babies are sooo much fun and will make a great addition to your family!

Last but definitely not least we have the most beautiful Toy Aussie Puppies that are also just now old enough for their new homes! These puppies are just so cute and so loving. They have thick, plush coats, and petite body types. If your looking for a puppy that doesn't require a groomer and is so loyal and outgoing, here they are!

More Exciting News - we are hoping for F1 & F1b Cavapoo puppies to arrive in December! It's a little too early to confirm but we have our fingers crossed!

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