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October Updates

Here's what we know so far for October... Addie's puppies will have a vet visit on Thursday and then we will start the choosing process. We have contacted the people that are next on the list for these puppies. If you have not received information on these puppies then you will be contacted for future litters when we reach your number. (Please note your place on the waiting list will not change until after puppies are chosen)

Now speaking of future puppies!!! We are expecting puppies to arrive in the next two weeks! Previous puppies from Chloe and Splash have been red, black, and black & tan.

We are also hoping for two other litters to arrive in November but it is much too early to confirm at this time. The November update will have expected litter conformations. These puppies would be a rainbow of colors and could include - red, apricot, black, tri colored, and merle.

It has also been brought to our attention that not everyone received the email about the new blog design as well as that all updates will be given through this page. We have too many emails being sent at one time due to the current long waiting list and even though our mailbox shows it as delivered the emails are not going through to everyone. From this point forward all updates will be given only by the updates blog. The emails that had the attachment with updates will no longer be sent. Also please understand that we can't always give updates at the beginning of the month because sometimes we just don't have any updates yet. Updates will be given once a month but if any new news pops up in between the monthly updates we will post that here!

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