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June Updates

Updated: Aug 12

Hi Guys, we have a few new updates for June!

We currently have 3 Cavalier puppies available and they will be ready to go home next week! I will be posting a video today and hopefully taking pictures

in the next few days, if the rain will stop for a day! We have two Blenheim and white boys and one Blenheim and white girl. These puppies will be very petite adults!

Upcoming puppies..... we will have F1 Cavapoo puppies very, very, soon! We are also hoping for a F1b litter around August (fingers crossed) 🤞

I'm still not back to 100% so I am VERY behind on emails and the website also needs to be updated. I'm working on getting everything caught up! I should have some July updates that will hopefully include litter announcements! It will most likely be mid- July for the next update.

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