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July Pupdates!

Hi Guys! We will be emailing out the monthly newsletter shortly for the current waiting list, we were holding off until the current puppies were chosen. That way we will have more accurate updates about time frames ect. We are hoping to have that process completed by Monday so expect the News letter Tuesday. It currently looks like we will have two shihpoo puppies available, if you are interested now is the time to let us know, as soon as we post pictures they will be gone! Also you may have noticed a new look to the puppy nursery page, we are hoping by having all of the info available on one page as well as the pictures, it will make it easier to choose between the puppies. We still had a lot of people that wouldn't click on the puppies picture to see more info about the puppy so hopefully this makes it easier for everyone as well!

*Pictured is one of our previous Shihpoo Puppies. More info can be found at . This will be the only litter of Shihpoos for at least a year!

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