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CavaCuties Toy Cavapoo Puppies for Sale

Cooper Cavapoo
Cade Cavapoo
Cavapoo Evan
Faith Cavapoo

Check back for Cavapoo Puppies ready in April! 

Are looking for a real live teddy bear to bring home? We have some of the most adorable Toy Cavapoo puppies. These puppies are the sweetest, happiest, little, puppies that love people and attention. They have beautiful, thick, plush coats that are wavy to curly & they should be non-shedding to minimal shedding.  Learn more about our Cavapoo PRICING.

Our puppies come with a two year genetic health guarantee, up to date on all preventives, and a full comprehensive vet exam before going home. Our puppies will come home to you very well socialized to all of the normal household activities and sounds. This makes your puppy's transition into your home much easier for you and your puppy. Our puppies have grown up in our home around children of all ages, so they do great with families that have gentle kids! Learn more about how we raise our Cavapoo puppies on our ABOUT US page.

We do currently have a waiting list for some of our Cavapoo puppies in certain colors, but you are welcome to inquire about a puppy in case that puppy becomes available! If you would like to know more about our waiting list for future puppies or our adorable available Cavapoo puppies CONTACT  US today! 

What our puppies come with:

  • Our puppies come with a minimum of their first two sets of vaccinations. They will go home current, so an older puppy may have more vaccinations.

  • A TWO year genetic health guarantee because we are confident in the health of our puppies. 

  • A complete health evaluation by our veterinarian.  

  • Complete fecal testing.

  • Up to date on worming and flea prevention.

  • Up to date on heartworm prevention.

  • Up to date on Advantage Multi. 

  • Detailed medical records with a recommended schedule to follow.

  • 30 days of complementary medical insurance with Trupanion (Florida & New York will be offered a different plan).

  • An extremely detailed puppy care information folder package.

  • A guide to simple potty training.

  • Guaranteed socialized to everyday household activities and noises.

  • Well socialized to kids of all ages as young as one year old.

  • Best of all you will receive an adorable puppy packed with personality that has started it's life with a family, and that is ready to join your family.

Cavapoo puppies near me -

 Shipping Options - 

Are you looking for the most beautiful cavapoo puppy near you? Don't let yourself be restricted by only buying a toy cavapoo puppy from cavapoo breeders that are in your area. It is SO important to find the breeder who is properly caring for and socializing their cavapoo puppies.

We offer shipping for our cavapoo puppies anywhere in the continental U.S. and Alaska. In cabin shipping is available with a reliable, trusted, professional flight nanny. Ground shipping with a professional pet transportation company is also available. We can also meet you at the Baton Rouge Louisiana Airport, the New Orleans Louisiana Airport, or the Jackson Mississippi Airport. If you're looking for a mini cavapoo puppy for sale we can help you find the perfect one! 

We also offer local pickup in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Please click on the puppy's picture above to see more pictures and information about that puppy. Each puppy will have a current status listed for them;

I'm Available - this puppy is currently available and you can contact us to purchase them.

On Hold - we have received a deposit to hold this puppy until it is old enough to go home.

Sold - this puppy has been purchased and is with their new family.

Waiting List - we currently have a waiting list for these puppies, once the waiting list chooses or passes we will update the puppy's status. You may ask us about this puppy in case it becomes available so that you will have the first opportunity to reserve that puppy.

Need help with what supplies a new puppy needs? We have tried hundreds of products and put together a list of our favorites. All of these products have links so you can easily go to that product and learn more about it. Here is the list of OUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS we've put together! 

Did you know Cavapoos can lighten or darken as they mature? Cavaliers generally darken as they mature and Poodles tend to lighten. So a puppy can change colors as they mature. We have put together some of our past puppies and the colors as they mature, find out more about Cavapoo Colors

Have you ever wondered what these adorable Cavapoo puppies look like as adults? We have lots of pictures of our puppies in their new wonderful homes.  Toy & Mini Cavapoo Puppies as Adults

If you are having a hard time choosing between a girl and a boy this may help you!   Temperaments Boys vs Girls

Our Past Cavapoo Puppies

See Our Available Puppies 

Cavapoo Puppy
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